Teaching in Times of Corona



Dear Students,

We are still not through this global pandemic and I am sending everyone much energy and strength for getting through the upcoming winter semester safe and sound. It will be up to us how we respond to it and what our contributions will be to make the situation more bearable for ourselves, those who are close to us, and even those who are not.

As in your previous American Studies courses, the best course preparation comes from engaging with the material at hand (films, literary works, secondary texts etc.). There is no way that you can ‘fall behind’ if you keep reading and working with your peers and by becoming an (inter)active member of our online classes.

This semester I am teaching the following courses:

BA Courses:

“What’s an American?” Constructing ‘Americannes’ in Literature, Film, and other Media (Mo 12-2)

Contested Spaces: Gender, ‘Race’, and Class in a Historical and Contemporary Perspective (Tue 12-2)

MA/MEd Courses:

Seminar: The Imitation Game: Technological Imaginaries: in U.S. Literature, Film, and other Media (5 CP; Di 4-6)

Übung: “Slavery must pass away”: Researching Perspectives on Enslavement and Freedom in Digital Collections (3 CP; Fri 12-2)

If you would like to arrange an appointment, please send me an email with the subject heading “Office Hours”. I will then get back you and we can arrange a Zoom meeting that fits our schedules.

Stay well,

Martina Pfeiler

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