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Teaching: I have taught dozens of courses in U.S.-American Literary and Cultural Studies as part of B.A./M.A./M.Ed. programs in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. I have also taught courses in Applied Literary and Cultural Studies. I am interested in teaching new courses at a range of institutions and universities. Feel free to contact me any time about teaching opportunities or collaborating with you in a seminar.

Recent teaching: (University of Vienna):

WS 2022/23

123250AR Literature Course – 1/2 (MA) American/North American & Cultural Studies – “Farewell, Capitalist America!”: Analyzing Protest Cultures in U.S. Literature, Culture and Media

SoSe 2022

124268AR Cultural/Media Studies 1/2 (AR) – “This is (not) America”: Constructing and Contesting ‘Americanness’ in U.S. Media and Culture

Poetry Off the Page: FWF/ERC.

I am currently interviewing poets in the UK as part of the Poetry Off the Page project. From March 15-23, 2023, I interviewed poets in Glasgow and Edinburgh and attended the Scottish Poetry Slam Final at the Britannia Panopticon. Looking forward to interviewing more poets in April, May, and June 2023.

FOTO CREDIT: TWO FINE PEOPLE Upcoming research: I’ll be in the UK from June 21, 2022 – July 2022, for archival research, meeting poets and attending poetry events. Looking forward to it!

Research News:

“Teaching Melville Through the Lens of Popular Culture” has recently been published in A New Companion to Herman Melville (2022). Eds. Wyn Kelley and Christopher Ohge. 541-549.

NALANS Special Issue Melville, Media, and Narratives. The CfP is closed and we are currently editing all accepted papers. Copy-edits will follow.

Editors: Martina Pfeiler, Don Dingledine, Kyle Meikle, Paolo Simonetti, and Mustafa Zeki Çıraklı)

Recent Talks:

(Post-)Covid Intermissions: Live-Streaming Poetry Slams in the UK in the “New Digital ‘Public’ Sphere” Conference Audioliterary Poetry between Performance and Mediatization, University of Hamburg, 11-13 May 2023.

Poetry Slams in the UK. By invitation of Dr. Henrik Wehmeier and Prof. Dr. Claudia Benthien (ERC Advanced Grant; Poetry in the Digital Age). University of Hamburg, 19 December, 2023.

“Globalizing Screenwriting: Ulrich Steindorff’s Das Seebiest (1930) as Ethical Treatment.” 14th Screenwriting Research Network International Conference: Globalizing Screenwriting. Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna, Austria. 22-24 September, 2022.

Contemporary U.S. American Poetry: Mapping, Mediatizing, Analyzing”, lecture and teaching at La Sapienza University in Rome. 11-13 May, 2022.

The Early Warner Bros. Moby-Dick adaptations”, guest lecture at the George Washington University, USA (via Zoom), 24 March 2022.

“Cultural Agency and Vocal Vitality: Taking Lyric Poetry into (and out of) the Mediatized 2020s Classroom”at the symposium “From Poetry to Song Lyrics: Analysing and Teaching Verse” at the University of Bamberg organized by Prof. Pascal Fischer und JProf. Theresa Summer. 5 February 2022.

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