Teaching in Times of Corona

Dear Students,

We have meanwhile reached the second half of the semester! If there is anything I can assist you with during the final few weeks, please let me know.

I will be available via >>email office hrs<< on Fridays from 10-11. If RUB mail does not work, you can contact me via martina.pfeiler@udo.edu

We can also schedule a phone call or a ZOOM appointment (please send me an email with the subject heading >>Phone Call<<).

This new situation has had a major effect on our teaching and learning, on how we communicate with each other in a time of crisis, how we are forced to shift our priorities, how we can keep some balance and stay motivated with regard to the courses and still learn as much as possible from each other in these new, digital environments. All of this is important now and I would like to thank you for having played a vital role in my courses so far!

I hope that these courses are relevant to your personal and intellectual growth and that despite the many limitations, you will discover new critical methods when exploring and studying U.S. American literature and culture.

Take good care of yourselves!

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